3 Garage Maintenance Precautions To Help You Prevent Being Scammed Or Robbed

3 Garage Maintenance Precautions To Help You Prevent Being Scammed Or Robbed

Thieves and scammers are innovators. Say what you will about the moral baggage that comes with robbing people’s homes. At the end of the day, you have to hand it to them. The people who make a living off of scamming unknowing customers and/or robbing people’s homes never fail to surprise us. That’s why, as a homeowner, the worst thing you could do is underestimate them when determining how to secure your home. One of the most common and easiest ways for a burglar to infiltrate someone’s house undetected is through the garage. Here’s how you can make sure that that doesn’t happen to you and your Somers garage doors.

1. Look them up before you hand over your info.

If someone knocks on your door offering to fix your garage, but this person does not have a uniform or a marked vehicle, that should raise some concerns. Remember that you would need to hand over the security features of your garage in order to allow these people to fix it. So even in the event that you do indeed require some maintenance to your door, you should always check to make sure the company is legitimate first. Aside from simply making sure that they have a website, you can also ask around the neighborhood to see what others have to say about their service. One final precaution you could take is to search for testimonials online. And if you really want to be sure, you can reach out to the people who have made positive and/or negative comments to speak to them directly.

2. Check out what competitive prices are for the service they’re offering.

Often times you may get prices that feel unreasonably high or suspiciously low. If they’re really high, the chances are they’re trying to scam you. If they’re oddly low, they quite possibly have intentions of robbing you. That’s why it’s best to educate yourself before accepting any service. If they offer a service to you, then you should tell them that you’ll think about it, but that you’ll need some time. Anyone who tries to pressure you into making a decision on the spot is not someone with whom you want to do business. No matter what.

3. Beware the hidden maintenance fees.

A common scam you’ll run into is if someone includes a lifetime guarantee. As good as this looks on paper, it’s also an excuse for the company to intentionally install shoddy equipment, so that they can replace it in a brief period of time and charge you for a high maintenance fee. Usually they don’t charge you for the parts, but it still ends up costing you a pretty penny because they will have hiked the service fee up so high that the discount hardly makes a difference.

All in all, the key is to find a garage door repair company that you can trust. You’re in luck because that’s precisely what Hudson Valley Overhead Doors and Operators can do for you. To learn more about our Somers garage doors services, give us a call at (845) 876-2772.

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