3 practical DIY organization and storage ideas for your garage

3 practical DIY organization and storage ideas for your garage

If you are one of the many people who use their garage for more than just providing shelter to their vehicles, there’s a good chance you have experienced the struggles of trying to keep your garage space tidy and organized.

From gardening tools and sports equipment to arts & crafts stations and seasonal decoration, your garage is pretty much your home’s private and very convenient warehouse. However, keeping it clean and organized in a way that you can easily access all of the things you store in it can be rather challenging.

But to make things easier for you and simplify your life, here are three practical storage and organization ideas that will help you keep your garage space tidy and clean at almost no cost since you can easily make them yourself.

  1. DIY slide-in ceiling storage space.

    Building one of these is easier than you might. You’ll need metal, wooden or plastic T-shaped beams that will be attached to the ceiling, with the horizontal part of the T opposite to the ceiling. Additionally you will need baskets, crates or containers with labels for your stuff.

    Once you’ve gathered all the materials, prepare your tools and attach the beams to the ceiling at a distance that allows your boxes or baskets to slide in and out easily but without falling. This is perfect to hold boxes of stuff that otherwise would be scattered throughout the floor. If you have long object like lathers, rods and other construction material you can attach a thick net to connect the beams and use it to hold these items, instead. A wooden or plastic panel that slides in between the beams might work too.

  2. DIY Nails & Beads plastic bottle containers.

    This is a great way to recycle your old plastic bottles. Grab as many plastic bottles as you need to store nails, screws, beads, rubber bands and any other small items that are easy to lose.

    Attach an eyebolt to the bottle cap that will be used to hang the bottles wherever you see fit in your garage. Then, on the top third of the bottles cut out a circular open big enough for your hand to go in and out easily. Even out the edges with a hot tool to avoid unpleasant scratches every time you have to reach inside for something. If you want to go the extra mile, paint the bottles and let them dry before pouring your stuff inside.

    Add labels to the bottles to make sure you know what they contain and hang them.

  3. Magnetic tool holder.

    It honestly doesn’t get any easier than this. Buy magnetic strip and grab a wooden or plastic panel, or maybe even just define a wall section inside your garage. Clean the area thoroughly and glue the magnetic strip across the panel or the clear wall section that you separated for this purpose. Once it’s dry and secure, grab your metal tools and store them in that wall where they will be on display for quick access and mess free.

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