3 Ways to upgrade your garage this summer

3 Ways to upgrade your garage this summer

It’s insanely hot outside, which means it’s the perfect time to work on indoor projects that will keep you away from excessive sun exposure. If you’re one of those people who seize the summer to work on their home improvement projects, a garage upgrade might be right up your alley, and as leading Saugerties Garage Doors services provider, we’re sharing these 3 ways to upgrade your garage this summer.

  1. Turn your garage into a home office.
    Summer is the perfect time for letting your imagination fly, reinvent yourself and start new projects. From home renovations to business ventures, summer is a great time to start, and when it comes to entrepreneurial ventures, starting a business from home is usually the clever way to go. No rent expenses, harsh schedules or long hours of commute. However, working from your living room or kitchen might not offer you the peace and quiet that you need to carry out your entrepreneurial endeavours.

    A garage office can be a great solution to that problem; it will provide you with more independence and room to work without actually having to leave the house. Further, you can set up and decorate your office however you like and take your time to make it perfect for yourself. If you need extra space, you can add a level or even expand the garage back or to the side, you could even install an additional exterior entry door so your new customers, suppliers or employees don’t have to walk through your house every time.

  2. Revamp your storage spaces.
    Have too much stuff? No worries, seize the summer time to set up a garage sale -whether you set up a yard sale or an online auction–, make sure to gather all of the stuff you don’t use anymore and sell it, maybe even donate it. Then, start reorganizing your garage but first, revamp your storage spaces.

    You can install modular cabinets, build DIY chests, closets and shelves or buy a completely new storage system, the important bit here is that you give everything a place of its own. If you already have a solid storage system with movable shelves, cabinet components, hook-and-hanger combinations, platforms with pulleys, etc. all you need to do is clean them thoroughly and repaint them if necessary, just to keep things looking neat and organized.

  3. Build an entertainment station.
    If there’s no room in the common areas of your home for a pool table, that ugly massage chair or if you cannot bear how loud the video games sound in the living room when you’re trying to concentrate on your favorite book and iced tea during a hot summer afternoon, you can turn your garage into an entertainment center.

    You can watch the game live at full volume or play Call of Duty until 3:00 AM without waking up your toddler, if you make sure to keep all the loud fun inside the garage.

If you’re looking to remodel your garage or change the doors, get in touch with an expert who can provide you with the best advice. To learn more about our Saugerties Garage Doors services call Hudson Valley Overhead Doors And Operators at (845) 876-2772

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