5 steps to turn your garage into a comfortable home

5 steps to turn your garage into a comfortable home

If you’re not giving your property a practical use, you’re losing money. If you own space and resources you don’t use, you should consider selling, renting or perhaps other alternatives to make said spaces and resources profitable. For example, if you own a private garage that is detached of your main home, you can find another place to park your car and rent that space. [Related topic: Hudson Garage Doors]

However, in order to do this, you would need to reform the garage to make it into a livable area. In this article you’ll find the 5 steps to transform your garage into a comfortable home that can be profitable for you and your family.

  1. Get the permits

    You’re going to need an authorization from the city council, your homeowners’ association and any other local authority with jurisdiction over the matter, in your area. If you get the permits, you’ll have to present a formal project written by a licensed architect where it’s specified that the home will comply to all the norms. Once this is approved, you’ll need the building permits.

  2. Be thorough with your planning

    In most cases, garages are not very big. Therefore, every inch counts. That’s why it’s also so important to keep an architect guiding you throughout the entire process. They will make sure to implement the right technical solutions, and guarantee a smart distribution of the space whilst taking into account key things such as access to supplies, ventilation, lighting and the proper materials.

  3. Create the illusion of division without walls

    Given the limited space, the best way to separate the spaces is with functional element that maintain the openness of the space and yet allow you to distinguish one area from the other. Keep the entire space integrated safe for the bathroom.

    Try double sided shelves to separate the living room from the kitchen and a sliding panel, a hanging garden or a modular cupboard to separate the bedroom from the other areas, whilst still keeping the space open and free from doors and solid walls.

  4. Make the right adaptations

    Power lines, a reliable plumbing system, insulation and a thermostat, heating and/or air conditioner are just a few of the basics that need to be implemented in this space to make it habitable. Additionally, treatments for the walls and the roof, sound proofing and adequation of the surrounding area are key as well.

  5. Invest on the lights and the ventilation

    Most of the spaces -especially garages– don’t have enough natural light or ventilation, which is why, an expert on the matter, should plan all the modifications the space requires to fit in windows, skylights and others.

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