8 ways to renovate your home front

8 ways to renovate your home front

There are a wide variety of colors you can use to paint the entrance of your home, but you can’t use any color or tone. In this article we’ve created a list of ways in which you can renovate your home front keeping in mind key aspect such as more durability, less maintenance, versatility, the possibility to do a lot of combinations, enhance the house’s shapes, and even the advantage of turning a normal home in a modern home, so take your pen and paper, and don’t you miss any advice we are giving to you.

White by excellence.
The white colored houses, despite of having a base tone are atemporal and never get old. White provides a lot of elegance and creates good combinations with everything you add to make contrast; also it reflects a lot of light, for a slick, neat and overall elegant look.

Choose a grey color palette.
Grey colored walls are found between the decoration trends of today. They have the capacity to boost volumes really easy. It is a sophisticated tone, modern and versatile that can go well with wood, white and a touch of yellow. It even matches with glass.

Orange with a rough finish.
An orange shade is excellent to mark out volumes and it tends to be visually warmer, cozy and homelike if you combine it with the right accessories and details, but it’s not recommended to entirely paint in this shade, especially if it’s a big house. Try to leave it out for accents instead if you really like this color.

Earthy tones like brown, burgundy, chocolate, mahogany, seaweed green or lead grey can work well if you know how to use them, combined with a lot of style or just the necessary amount of it, you shouldn’t use it to cover the most part of the front of the building, because it can look heavy with not enough light, making it boring.

Yellow has long durability.
Yellow, for a change, provides your home front with a lot of light, it doesn’t get affected too much by the influence of the sun, which means that the color will last more than a darker tone, unlike the other tones you can paint your entire house like this, leaving a couple of details in white.

Bricks so you can forget about the paint.
Bricks can cover every part of your house, or you can alternate between paint and brick in different zones, they are perfect for every kind of weather, easy to clean, and they last long in time. Bricks also provide a rough touch that can be combined to give the house a modern image too.

Stones don’t need too much maintenance.
Stone-made home fronts have been used throughout history,. Usually, they provide every place you put them on with beauty and strength since it is such a solid and strong element, noble and with a lot of versatility. Furthermore, it does not require much maintenance and it can resist any weather conditions whilst preserving an elegant look.

A green wall brings a lot of benefits.
Green walls have been a trend for a while, and besides that it represents an eco-alternative for your home. The implementation of a green wall brings wellness to your health, keeps the house fresh, absorbs the bad energies and make a more dynamic home front.

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