How a chic home can be the boost your business needs

How a chic home can be the boost your business needs

For those who have a passion for beautiful things and retail but can’t quite find the perfect space to set up their very own shop, you can take the cue from a couple that turned their apartment into the storefront of their business.

If you don’t have an apartment, you don’t need to worry, you can accomplish the same results with your home or if you prefer with your garage. Such transformation is just a few tweaks and a Saugerties Garage Doors expert -like us– away.

But how could your home help you boost your business? Well, let’s review what this very sophisticated couple did.

Andres Modak and Rachel Cohen are a New York City couple and the owners of Snowe, a home-goods line that features furniture, decoration and other items for home interiors. Being the owners of a chic apartment in Manhattan and seizing their design-conscious to show their friends and family how amazing their flat can look, the couple decided to take experiential shopping to the next level by using their lovely home as the storefront of their business.

It seems like it all started during Rachel’s birthday when they decided to throw a very chic and exclusive party in which every plate, glass, napkin and piece of cutlery was up for sale as part of their product inventory. After the smashing success of this first event, the couple decided to use part of their 1,500-square-foot loft in Gramercy Park as the brick-and-mortar arm of their brand, Snowe. Nevertheless, the apartment still remains the main home of the couple.

Instead of browsing through shelves and cabinets, shoppers are encouraged to “touch, sip, and shop” at the Snowe store / apartment also known as The Whitespace. This means that almost everything that you see on display at the loft is up for sale. Whether it is the dinnerware, the linens or the midcentury-inspired bench from Edgewood Made that sits in the living room, almost everything in The Whitespace is available to the buyers who visit the space. However, the products on display are just a sample since the purchased products are shipped to the clients the next day, brand new and unused.

This is a great idea for a home business and an ideal solution for those entrepreneurs who want to run a business from home but are not sure where to start. If you’ve already created a product, you can use your home or your garage to display it, try it and sell it. If you don’t have a product but you would like to start generating an income but you’re a stay-at-home parent, the easy way to go is setting up a retailing business in your garage to start generating revenue without going too far.

All you need is a bit of imagination and making sure that your home and garage are looking chic and lovely.

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