Choosing the Perfect Color for Every Room

Choosing the Perfect Color for Every Room

Choosing the right paint shade for your walls is not always an easy task. But here at Hudson Valley Overhead Doors & Operators, we have a helpful list of go-to colors for every room in your house. As Lagrange garage doors and home improvement experts, we’re always on top of the latest trends to bring you all the information you need the most.

You can have a look at this infographic from Real Simple for further details. But if you want to check the list, keep reading.

For the Living Room
● Pearly white
● Neutral light beige
● Chocolate medium brown

For the Bedroom
● Tan or Khaki
● Warm grey with warm tones
● Pale blue

For the Kitchen
● Light neutral grey
● Pale blue-green
● Creamy grey

For the Guest Room
● Pewter with hints of taupe and grey
● Pale green
● Deep teal

For the Dining Room
● Deep brown
● Deep slate blue
● Blue-tinged red

For the Kids’ Room
● Clean white
● Soft green
● Soft peach

For the Powder Room
● Greyish blue
● Greyish taupe
● Subdued greenish blue with satin finish

For the Front Door
● Black with hints of deep blue
● Rich and saturated yellow
● Shiny bold red with glossy finish

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