Single Or Double Germantown Garage Doors?

Single Or Double Germantown Garage Doors?

The decisions people make regarding their homes’ exterior designs are long term investments. Sometimes, the gravity of the decisions we make don’t reveal themselves in the moment. But rather, they show their colors in the months that follow once you realize you’ve made a terrible mistake. Every day of your life for the foreseeable future, with very few exceptions, you will lay eyes on the outside of your home before entering. And what is the biggest and most attention grabbing part of that exterior? The garage door. So when it comes to deciding what kind of Germantown garage doors you want for your home, we recommend you take this decision seriously.

One of the biggest and most difficult decisions to make, from a design standpoint, is whether to go with one large door or a double door garage. It seems like it shouldn’t be too difficult of a choice. But there are more variables at play here than one may initially assume. Here is our breakdown of how those variables should factor into your decision, and how you should go about approaching them.

What Purpose Do You Want Your Garage To Serve?

This is crucial. What you plan to use your garage for could be the single defining factor that determines what kind of door your get for your garage. For example, do you wish to only use your garage for storage, or will you be parking one or more cars in it? Moreover, how many cars you plan to put in your garage could affect what kind of door you buy as well. If you have two cars you should make sure your garage is at least 22 feet deep and 20 feet wide. Anything less and you won’t be able to fit both cars in the allotted space.

With this sized garage, you could fit two doors that each measure to approximately 8 feet by 8 feet. Make sure the doors you want to install will fit with the sized garage that you have. Also, make sure the kind of car you have isn’t too wide for the doors. And finally, make sure that whoever is driving each of your two cars has pro status command of your vehicles. Because getting them through those narrower spaces means a smaller margin for error.

What Is Your Budget And What Are The Costs Of Each Job?

The cost of two doors, surprisingly, will not run you a bill all that much higher than the bill for one large door. However, the real hit comes in with the extra equipment and installation for an electric door opener. That’s because it’s between one and two of these, and they’re not always as cheap as we’d like them to be. So when you’re doing your budgeting, make sure you factor in all the variables. Not just the doors.

What Is Your Personal Taste?

At the end of the day, you need to figure out which of these two styles will please you for years to come. Take the time to visualize who each would look and take your time with it. The last thing you want is to change your mind weeks after completing the installation. So think hard and think well. Ask your friends, spouse, and colleagues. And when you finally feel comfortable with your decision. Make it happen.

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