Everything You Need To Know About Adding An AC Unit To Your Garage

Everything You Need To Know About Adding An AC Unit To Your Garage

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Let’s get the obvious out the way. It’s hot outside. Summers are brutal in New York. On a scorcher, you know the hottest place in your home is the garage. If you keep your car in your garage, sitting down in those hot seats can be a nightmare. Naturally, you’ve measured the pros and cons of adding an air conditioning unit to the garage to keep the car cool so that you don’t have to dread getting in it for the next three plus months. Well, there are a few factors you could consider before you pull the trigger. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. You Absolutely Need To Insulate Your Garage Beforehand

If your garage isn’t insulated, installing an air conditioning unit would be the equivalent of removing a stack of cash from the ATM and lighting it on fire. The AC unit will be essentially useless without the process insulation. This unfortunate fact brings us to a less than desirable truth about AC units in garages. They end up being more expensive than they seem. With the additional insulation work, you’ll be adding an entire other chunk to your budget. The up side is that afterward, you’ll be able to use your garage for any number of other fun activities aside from just keeping your car dry and secure.

  1. You Need To Plan In Advance Where To Put The Unit In Relation To The Nearest Ventilation

If you’re thinking about an actual AC unit instead of central air, which really is the preferable option for garage, then you’ll need to think of where in the garage to put it. You can vent through a window on the wall, through the garage door itself, or through an actual vent. If you don’t have any means of ventilation, you’ll have no choice but to create one. That means drilling big old hole in the wall. That’s expensive, loud, and annoying. The reason you need ventilation is because the hot air needs a place to go while the cool air replaces it. Without the ventilation, you will miss the benefits of the units entirely.

  1. Make Sure To Get The Correct Size

This is a larger concern than it seems. If you buy a unit that is too small for a garage that can fit more than one car, you’ll miss out on the benefits. You need a unit that can fill an entire garage, which is likely larger than most, if not all the rooms in your house. On top of that, even with the proper insulation, this room will not protect your air as well as the other rooms in the house. That’s another reason why you need to think size. Buying a unit that is too small will end up as a big waste of money.

And that’s it. We’re sorry for the tough love. We just want to tell you as it is. But don’t let the above facts discourage you from taking the leap. Now you can go into this project with the proper information so you can make better decisions and budget more appropriately.

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