Garage conversion: turn your garage in a studio apartment

Garage conversion: turn your garage in a studio apartment

f you’re thinking about repurposing your garage, turning it into a studio apartment could be a great idea. And there’s no better way to achieve the goal of a brand new studio apartment than doing a full remodeling of your garage on an integral level.

The garage on the picture above is a space of over 40m2, and it had become the main house’s warehouse -not in a good way. But a full remodeling carried out with care and impeccable taste turned this space into a second living space, adjacent to the main house.

In order to achieve this amazing result, the first thing to address was the plumbing system. The studio required heating and hot water. Henceforth, the entire pipe network had to be readjusted. Power lines and electrical installations for lighting fixtures and power connectors had to be modified and adjusted to meet the needs and purposes of the new space.

Additionally, the floor had to be lowered to gain height and drainage had to be built to divert any potential humidity problems toward the garden. The old slope was leveled with concrete, and it’s now the place where the car is parked, whilst the garage door was turned into a massive window.

After the initial remodeling, the entire space was divided in 3 areas. A living room, a bedroom and a bathroom.

The living room is next to the entrance, and it was conceived as a space for leisure and gatherings with friends and family, whether it is watching the game, having a cup of coffee or just chatting over some background music. With that in mind the area was furnished with a couch, a coffee table, a modular cupboard for the TV with storage space and shelves for books and magazines, and a small fridge for drinks and snacks.

Next to the sofa, a chromated shelving was placed to keep the menage at hand.

The bedroom features a desk right where the window is to seize the natural light. The desk is paired with a spinning chair and custom made shelves for the walls. To avoid the annoying cables and plugs, all the necessary installation have been hidden under a lid on the floor.

A double bed with built in nightstands has also been placed in this area, along with an semi open closet for keeping clothes and shoes.

Last but not least are the bathroom and the kitchen. Because there was a pilar that couldn’t be touched, the space was divided in two. On the front side, a tiny kitchen with a sink was built, with cupboard above the countertop and another one below the kitchen.

On the opposite side, a showers was placed and next to it, a sink embedded in a countertop. The cupboard below can be used to store towels and other bathroom supplies, whilst the WC was installed in a corner.

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