Garage Laundry Room Decoration Ideas

Garage Laundry Room Decoration Ideas

Whether it is because you live in a small house or because you just rather have the laundry away from the common areas inside the main house for organisational or even aesthetic purposes, it’s still important to keep your laundry room looking neat and dapper.

Your garage is the perfect place to set up your laundry room outside the main areas of the house, and these tips for decorating the area are perfect if what you want is to create an ideal atmosphere that makes the annoying chore of washing your clothes less unpleasant.

• Add a lovely wallpaper to the laundry area of your garage. Choose your favourite pattern whether it’s flowers or a geometric motif, the right wallpaper can bring a touch of sophistication to any room.
• Or you can aim for a patterned tile design. If a wallpaper doesn’t seem like the right fit for your laundry room, try tiles with a nice design that combine with the rest of your decor theme.
• Install a custom countertop with space underneath to fit in your washing machine and your dryer. If there’s a remaining space next to your appliances you can create a cabinet to store soaps, softeners, and other stuff.
• Add a bench with storage space to your laundry room. You can use it to keep cleaning and laundry related products.
• Add some sass to your floors with printed flooring, this is fairly easy to install and the results are gorgeous if you’re looking for an effortless chic appearance.
• Get a laundry closet if you’re not a fan of having your appliances on display. You can install your washing machine, you dryer and your counter top with shelves above and underneath, then enclose everything installing a closet door.
• Try the white on white decoration trend, for a chic and elegant decoration style. Since most appliance come in white, the white background combined white accessories and decorations will actually create a fresh, clean and elegant atmosphere for your laundry room.
• Navy blue is another popular colour when it comes to laundry, especially for the appliances, which look particularly good in this shade. A colour scheme built around navy blue is a great choice if you want to make your laundry room chic without putting in too much effort.
• You can also try a pastels colour scheme in which your white appliances will fit perfectly.
• Colorful appliances are all the rage and depending on your own personal style and taste you can build the rest of your laundry room around the appliances you’ve chosen. Did you select black, blue silver or red appliances? It doesn’t really matter as long as you’ve chosen a complimentary colour palette to ensure the lovely looks of your laundry room.
• Wood & Wicker are perfect when it comes to choosing accessories. From laundry baskets to storage bins and from countertops to shelves and hangers, wicker and wood are most people’s favourites due to their versatility and aesthetic value.
• Add a sliding barn door to the laundry room section of your garage if you want to keep things separated.

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