Installing A Walkthrough Door To Your Clermont Garage Doors

Installing A Walkthrough Door To Your Clermont Garage Doors

Building the house of your dreams is a lifelong endeavor. It’s one of those goals at which you never actually arrive. But with each renovation you feel yourself getting a little bit closer. Some time ago, you didn’t even recognize the possibility of adding a pedestrian walk through door to your garage as even being an option. And yet, here you are, with this nail biting question. If only you had the time to sit down really lay out a cost benefit analysis on whether or not to take the leap. Good news. We did it for you. Here are all the pros and cons to adding a pedestrian door to your garage, brought to you exclusively by your local Clermont garage doors installation and maintenance providers.

On The Up Side

You’ll Save Some Money On Your Energy Bill

The bottom line is that there’s quite a difference between opening a gigantic 20 foot door that can fit an entire sport utility vehicle through it versus opening a door that can only fit a single human being. Without throwing any stats at you that you’ll forget in the next thirty seconds, just think logically. How much heat and/or cool air do you suspect you’ll let out with the former versus the latter?

It’s An Easy Alternative If You Lose Power

Who knows why the power goes out. But sooner or later it’ll happen. And when it happens, your garage door is going get super heavy. Too heavy. With a pedestrian walkthrough you can still access your garage, no matter the circumstances.

They’re Perfect For Cities

If you happen to live in an urban area and would like side access to your home, a pedestrian door in the garage is the perfect solution. The problem is that with urban housing, you probably don’t have a whole lot of space to work with. That means the chances are you won’t be able to install a side door to your house. But if you just add a door directly to your garage door, you can serve the same purpose.

The Down Side

Installation Can Get Expensive

Unfortunately, doing the job right isn’t cheap. Finding a crew who is up for the task and can do it well is hard to come by. And aside from the installation of the actual door, there’s also additional security features must come into play. Inherently, you’re giving burglars one more means of breaking in more easily. And especially if you’re living in an urban part of town, these security features are necessary. And they will lead to additional costs. So keep your eye on your budget before you make any moves.

There’s More Room For Damage

If you open your garage door with an electric opener and the walkthrough door isn’t closed, there’s a good chance that you could cause some serious damage to the entire mechanism. Fixing that damage is also quite costly. To make a long story short, this factor is piggybacking off of the last one in the sense that you should be conscious of your budget.

Not Every Garage Door Is Compatible

Your door must be at least eight feet wide. Not only does size matter, but your door should also be insulated. In the event that your door is not compatible with this service, you will need to buy an entirely new door, which raises the bottom line by quite a lot. It’s best to speak to a professional who can give you all the details about your door specifically.

If you want to get the rundown about whether or not it’s worth it to get a pedestrian walk through door installed, give us a call today at (845) 876-2772 and ask us about our Clermont garage doors services.

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