Why You Should Insulate Your Garage Now (While It’s Warm)

Why You Should Insulate Your Garage Now (While It’s Warm)

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We all want the kind of home that fixes its own problems so that we can kick our feet up and binge watch our favorite series day in and day out. Think of the time in between as a pursuit in progress. With each improvement you make to your home you’re a little bit closer to the day where that dream becomes a reality. However, let us not get ahead of ourselves. With any addition or renovation to the house, it’s always exciting in theory, but often questionable in action with regards to whether it’s worth your time and money. We all want the perfect home, where everything works perfectly always. The question is will this project really bring your home closer to that dream.

We are experts in all things pertaining to garages and garage doors. This article is for those who are pondering whether or not they should insulate their garage. After all you’ve done for this home, to add on yet another project may feel excessive. And perhaps you’re right. But maybe not. Here’s our evaluation. Take it or leave it. We just hope it helps you make a more informed decision so that you come out satisfied on the other side.

Making Other Improvements To Your Garage Will Become Easier And More Pleasant

The Hudson Valley is pretty brutally cold winters. So in case you ever want to make any improvements there, such as adding bike racks, a side door, a new garage door, or anything else, completing the job becomes a whole lot easier when the place is insulated. Most people don’t like working in a cold environment. Nobody likes working in a freezing cold garage in the dead of a New York winter. You’d be doing your guests and yourself a service by protecting the hot air.

Anything Short Of Insulation Is Really A Waste Of Money

You may think to yourself that it isn’t necessary to go the whole nine and insulate the garage. Why not just add a heater and call it a day right? Wrong. Putting a heater in your garage without insulating it is like the equivalent of taking a nice big stack of cash and tossing it out the window of a moving car. It’s really an all or nothing ordeal you’ve got here. Either you want a cozy, comfy, warm garage with a header and insulation, or you want to hold onto your cash and tough it out year after year in a very, very cold garage.

Your Pipes Will Freeze If You Have Plumbing In Your Garage

Above all, this reason just might take the cake. If you’ve installed a washer and dryer, or happen to have a faucet or any kind of plumbing that runs water through pipes in your garage, you really have no other choice but to keep those pipes above freezing. And how does one keep pipes from freezing? By insulating their garage is how. And for the record, the garage is a perfect place to stick your washing machine. But who really wants to run a load of laundry in a freezing cold garage anyway?

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