How would you know if you left your garage door open?

How would you know if you left your garage door open?

The roost sensor, tells you if you left your garage door open. The garage door sensor that made its debut on the CES 2018, will notify you if you left your garage open but unfortunately, it won’t help you solve that problem.

It is admirable the angle of Roost by trying to make your home smarter with only a 9 volts battery. The last gadget of the company is, in many ways, similar to the original roost battery for smoke detectors, except that this one is for the box you place in the upper part of your garage door. Once placed and connected to the wifi, the smart sensor for garage doors can send you notifications if you forget to close your garage.

The principal piece of the Roost smart garage door is not exactly a 9 volts battery, but it looks like one. It lacks the usual terminals and has an incorporated accelerator, so it knows when the garage door moves.

The original battery added a wifi microphone to make easy to know when your smoke detector is beeping so it can send you an alert, the sensor in the garage door can also send notifications, if you don’t need so much information you can customize the alerts you want by hour of the day, length of the alarm or to monitor the last time the door was opened or closed.

Bear in mind that if you discover that your garage door is open after you leave, there’s no way the Roost system can solve this problem, the sensor cannot manipulate the garage door movement like the Chamberlain M&Q, but the difference is that the chamberlain can cost US$100 and the Roost only costs US$40

As the same with Nest project valued in US$100 and the original Roost in US$35, this garage door sensor could be affordable if you want a smart solution that offers a lot of tranquility. However, if what you’re really after is a door can make things easier for you and help you keep your home as safe as possible, there are many other smart solutions that come directly integrated into your door. You just have to talk to your local garage doors expert to request advice and guidance on how to choose the best door for you.

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