Long & Narrow bathrooms decoration hacks

Long & Narrow bathrooms decoration hacks

As you know, at Hudson Valley Overhead Doors and Operators we’re all about providing you with the best garage door services. However, we’re also about home improvement and helping you make your house a better place for you and your family. Since many families choose the end of the year or the beginning of the new one to remodel their homes or change houses altogether, we are sharing a few hacks for those struggling with long and narrow bathrooms.

Corridor bathrooms may be a bit of a drag for those who use the bathroom as a place for relaxation and getting disconnected from the stress of their daily lives. The lack of a broader space could make the bathroom seem uncomfortable. However, if you implement the right decoration and styling, narrow and uncomfortable can turn into functional and cozy.

Before getting started, write down the must-haves of your bathroom which will help you develop a design and set up for your bathroom that matches your needs, style and preferences. Nevertheless, you must be fully aware that architectonically speaking, long, narrow bathrooms are a challenge. A few things that will help you optimize the space and enhance the looks of your bathroom are:

• Mixing up textures such as wood & stone add a nice visual effect and is practical as wooden furniture is easy to come by and stone is a perfect choice for wet areas.

• Use of smooth but diverse materials, generate a visually open space, thanks to the free space sensation this textures generate. Try to not combine a lot of these materials in the same space or you will end by achieving a saturation effect that it’s going to make the bathroom looks smaller than it is.

• Combine different trends, seizing the opportunity your bathroom gives you by allowing you to mix style trends, thanks to the versatility of the materials that can be used and look good in this kind of space. A clear example of this is the usage of rustic materials as stone for the shower and using porcelanato floors for the white areas, which can give you as a result a stylish modern space.

• Make space for everything, keeping in mind that furniture and shelves are fundamental for the storage of every cleaning element you need daily. The key in this kind of furniture is that they shouldn’t occupy a lot of space, which you can easily achieve by building shelves and furniture in accordance to your space measurements without exceeding it with unnecessary stuff.

• Seize the geometry to leverage the shape of your bathroom. The geometry of a small or narrow bathroom is often in an orthogonal form. Try to break with that formality and play with circular elements that will create a favorable space effect.

• Use furniture according to the necessities of the space. Floating elements like shelves provide a sense of lightness, highly recommended for small spaces, this free space sensation creates the effect that you need in this situations. Seize any open space to create open shelves or book shelves.

• The usage of the white color and light color palette are the favorite for decorating small spaces thanks to the amplitude sensation they provide, you can brake with this trend using the original materials in a variety of earthy colors.

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