Optimizing your garage space in 5 simple steps

Optimizing your garage space in 5 simple steps

At least once a year we all walk into our garage and think “I need to do something about this mess”. Although this usually happens because we’re in a rush and cannot find something really important that we know is “in here, somewhere”, we never really follow through with that idea once we realize we totally forgot lending that thing to our next door neighbor a few weeks ago, which we would have known if our garage was properly organized.

But how can you organize your garage if there’s no space? Well, if that’s the case, the first thing to do is optimize your garage space to ensure all of your stuff will have a place where it can be easily found every time you need it. As Tivoli Garage Doors experts, we have the experience to share with you these 5 simple steps that will help you optimize the space in your garage.

Hoarding is a health issue, and accumulating things mindlessly in our garage is not far from the health issue realm. Re-assessing our hyper-consumerism and making smarter purchase decisions is key. However, it takes time and effort. In the meantime, sparing two hours of a weekend to dive into the piles of stuff sitting in your garage is a quick and easy solution to your clutter problem. So start sorting out your stuff and separate them in 4 piles, the stuff you want to keep, the stuff you will donate, the stuff you will sell and the garbage.

Once you have these 4 piles, pack what you will be donating and give it away. Do an inventory of what you’re going to sell and organize a yard sale or update your eBay profile. Throw away the garbage; make sure you separate the recycling materials. And last but not least, start to clean and organize the stuff you’ve decided to keep.

Finding extra storage space
Storage doesn’t have to be limited to closets and cabinets or shelves in the walls. The ceiling also offers you plenty of opportunities that you can seize with the help of hooks, rails and other more complicated systems. Further, walls with magnetic attachments are another great alternative when it comes to making the most out of your space.

Subdividing the space
If you keep all sorts of things in your garage, from gardening tools to seasonal sports equipment, the best way to keep stuff organized and cleverly use the space is separating everything in different categories and store them as such.

Once you’ve determined the different sections within your garage and you’ve defined which things go where, it’s time to start adding labels to all the spaces, boxes, cabinets and containers to make sure everything is in its rightful place and more importantly to ensure that finding what you’re looking for is not going to be a scavenger’s hunt every time, especially when you’re on a rush.

PackingAssuming some of the things you’ve decided to keep are not standalone items, such as balls, cords, nails, arts and crafts tools and bits, etc. packing is a very important thing for space optimization. Categorize and label all of these in groups and store them in boxes, bags and baskets to guarantee everything will be tidy and easy to find.

If you’re looking to remodel your garage or change the doors, get in touch with an expert who can provide you with the best advice. To learn more about Tivoli Garage Doors services, contact Hudson Valley Overhead Doors and Operators calling at (845) 876-2772.

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