Organizing your garage to make it look fabulous

Organizing your garage to make it look fabulous

The fact that your garage serves as your home’s warehouse doesn’t mean it can’t look amazingly tidy, neat and fabulous. However, this might not be an easy task, especially if you’re one of the many people who hoard stuff in their garage and forget to periodically declutter the garage area.

If you want to ensure the fabulousness of your garage, it is absolutely necessary that you take the time to declutter and get rid of all the thing you don’t want or need. After the declutter process a deep cleaning session is required. To make sure even the furthest corner is spotless, you need to move furniture around. If you want to make the extra effort for the sake of a breathtaking garage, repaint or at least wash the walls thoroughly, and do the same with the floor.

Now, it’s time for organizing. Start with a pegboard that will put all of your tool on display for easy access. Then complement it with racks and shelves above and below that will provide you with storage space for the other things that you couldn’t hang on your pegboard. Keep in mind that if your budget is tight, you can reduce your expenses by choosing DIY alternatives, instead of buying everything. You can even use recycled material for the sake of your pocket and the environment. To make thing even cooler, place LED light strips under each shelf to have an even better view and looks of your shelved pegboard wall.

Acquire organization containers, whether you buy them at your local home improvement store, at a yard sale, on Ebay or if you make them yourself, make sure to get enough of them to store all of those things that would otherwise end up on the floor or piled up in a corner. But getting those boxes or containers for your things is not enough to organize them effectively. Add labels to each box and find a place for them where they won’t interfere with any circulation paths. In short, keep them out of the way. You can make or buy shelves or racks to place the containers, you can also buy or build your own ceiling storage system where you can place the boxes in an organized and accessible way.

Your smaller items also deserve a place in your garage. However, big containers may be rather inconvenient to store this without it becoming messy. Get some smaller containers or up cycle mason jars amongst other things to store small items such as rubber bands, screws, nails, capas and other objects of the sort.

Use tape to delimit the floor spaces where your sports equipment and larger items should be placed to keep things organized and tidy. If you don’t have a closet in your garage and you still have to much stuff you can install one and find a place for each one of your remaining items within the closet.

If you want to keep your house looking fine and dandy this year, you can try one or more of these top trends. And if you’re looking for a solution related to Gardiner Garage Doors, you can always call us at (845) 876-2772.

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