The smart garage of your smart home

The smart garage of your smart home

Millennials are the largest consumer group out there and they reach maturity they also start to shift their focus towards new markets, like real estate and home improvement. But of course, things are not that that simple, because just like everything else, for millennials even homes have to be smart and connected to the latest emerging technologies.

In the era of Amazon’s Alexa and smart locks, it’s only logical that emerging technologies and devices are popping up all over the place to offer you new solutions for your life and every area of your home. But how much of your intelligent and efficient home can be incorporated to your garage?

Well, although there’s no simple answer to that question, the truth is that the options are not scarce and it will mostly depend on your specific needs and desired functionalities. Of course, to implement this sort of technology into your home, you’re going to need network connectivity and a central networking core that will allow you to manage and control your home from your mobile devices.

And when it comes to your garage there are various things you can do to start.

  • Insulation: If you want to keep your garage insulated but your thermostat is separated from the garage and you’re having a hard time keeping the temperature inside your garage under control, insulation monitoring is key. You can program your garage’s windows and doors to open and close at will depend certain factors that you can set up and program or control it directly from your phone.Further, if you’ve installed an independent thermostat in your garage, you can connect it to the main network and synchronise it to the thermostat in the main house or control it directly from your home as well.
  • Security: This is always one of the main focuses of any emerging technology for the living space, but it is also essential to implement some sort of security system in your garage. Beyond the smart locks, there are other devices and equipment such as real time facial recognition devices and software, movement detectors and even alarm systems powered by AI and machine learning.What this means, is that not only you will be able to control these systems from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, but thanks to the AI and machine learning technologies, you will be able to map out and program specific functionalities which will result in the system learning and identifying your activity patterns in order to detect abnormalities and report them or trigger alerts and warnings as soon as these arise.
  • Energy efficiency: Temperature control is not the only way to make your home more energy efficient, the lighting, water consumption and other factors also have an impact on your energy consumption levels.To avoid leaving the lights on, the water running or any device on whilst not in use inside your garage, these smart systems can make sure everything gets turned off the minute you leave the garage, and if the system is powered by machine learning it can even be programmed to turn on and light up, every time you’re about to walk in.
  • Domestic tasks: Last but not least, there are many domestic tasks that you perform in and from your garage. If you’re one of the many American who store cleaning devices and products in the garage, you can acquire cleaning devices that can also be programmed and connected to your phone or a centralized network to perform some domestic tasks like dusting and vacuuming.


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