Stuff you should never keep in your garage

Stuff you should never keep in your garage

We all use our garages to store stuff. However, unless your garage is fully insulated and the temperature can be easily regulated, chances are your garage is poorly ventilated and it’s vulnerable to extreme temperatures. If this is the case, there are some things that can easily damage in your garage if you keep them there for too long.

As Ancram garage doors experts, we have put together a list of things you shouldn’t keep in your garage to prevent them from suffering any unnecessary damage that could result from keeping them there.

Wood and paper items.

Yes, we know. Many of your photo albums, seasonal furniture and old books have ended up in your garage. Nevertheless, it is important that you understand how this materials can be affected by humidity. If the humidity levels in your garage are completely out of your control, we advise you to find a different place to store these items. Otherwise, any changes in the humidity levels will make the wood fibres contract or expand affecting the shape, form and even resistance of any wooden materials.

Electronic devices & Appliances.

From video game consoles and computers to fridges and washing machines, if your garage doesn’t have a consistent temperature all year round, keeping any electronic devices and appliances in your garage can cause these items an irreversible damage and render them useless for good. Changes in temperature and extreme whether cause condensation, which has different effects on these kind of devices. This condensation can cause your refrigerator to rust, as well as the motor of your washing machine. Further, your water pipes can freeze in winter and your condenser tumble dryer won’t dry your clothes if the temperature is below 41ºF. If the outside temperature is not consistent and you keep a fridge or freezer in your garage they will most likely display performance issues sooner than later, not to mention your utility bills will be higher since these appliances will use up more energy in order to keep the same internal temperature.

Paint, pigments and other liquid materials.

From paint cans to bottles of glue, some of these materials are very sensitive to extreme temperatures, whether very high or very low, many of these materials will not survive extreme weather.
If your food freezes over the winter, whether it’s canned or boxed it will lose flavour and it might even get spoilt.

If you’re looking to remodel your garage or change the doors, get in touch with an expert who can provide you with the best advice. To learn more about our Ancram garage doors services call Hudson Valley Overhead Doors And Operators at (845) 876-2772.

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