The Summer Curb Appeal Improvement Guide To A More Beautiful Home

The Summer Curb Appeal Improvement Guide To A More Beautiful Home

What better time of year to get outside and start thinking about home improvement than now? Summer is upon us, which means that the warm weather is finally here to stay. With the sun shining down, why not get to work on increasing that curb appeal that you’ve been putting off for all too long? Your home deserves it. This house has been good to you for many years. It’s time to give back. Here are X ways to make your more attractive for your neighbors.

  1. Paint Job

Whether it’s your shutters, front door, or your Lagrange garage doors, adding a bit of color to complement the sunny days will make your home more inviting than ever. Pick a color that stands out from the rest. A sky blue for the door and porch with yellow for the walls could be just the thing your home needs to feel like a place in which everyone would want to stick around have a glass of lemonade. It’s quick. It’s cheap. It’s easy. And best of all, it gives you an excuse to get outside and do something active with your weekend.

  1. Upgrade The Garden

Your yard has been looking rather sluggish for a while now. No one blames you in the dead of winter when nothing’s growing. And come spring, some people drag their feet and that’s understandable. But it’s been several months now and the excuses are running thin. Time to get out and plant some seeds. What better way to complement that colorful door you just painted than with a some beautiful flowers? And once again, that’s yet another completely valid reason for you to step outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

  1. Buy A Nicer Mailbox

It’s a subtle little touch that goes a long way. Adding a nice, brand new wooden mail box to the front of your property is like making a statement to your guests like, ‘Hey, come on in and stick around for a bit.’ Most mailboxes are surprisingly affordable and installing them shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.

  1. Pretty Yellow Night Lights

Lighting is everything. If you want to create an ambience of relaxation and comfort, a well lit porch could be just the touch you need. White lighting tends to give the impression of either being in the office or going out camping. But with a nice set of dim yellow lighting, you can put your guests and yourself at ease.

  1. New Lagrange Garage Doors!

And of course, last but certainly not least, a brand new garage door of your choosing, installed by the best garage door installation company in the Hudson Valley. Whether it’s wooden, carriage house, or whichever material you see fit, we’ve got your covered.

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