Tips to organize a garage sale

Tips to organize a garage sale

Weather it is because you’re moving, you are going to do some remodeling in the house or just because you want to get rid of stuff you don’t use or need anymore, garage sales are the best, easiest and fastest way to get rid of that extra furniture or any other object you’re not going to use anymore, and at the same time you can get some money back which can use for the remodeling.

Although this practice is pretty common here in the US, it can be done in any place to obtain good results if you follow these tips for having a successful garage sale.

Pick the date carefully.

The first thing you have to do when you are planning a garage sale is to set a good date that will ensure you good concurrence, the best is to set the event the first days of the month, between those days most of the people recently got their salaries, this way you can ensure a good acquisition power by your potential buyers side. Likewise, the best days to set this kind of events are Fridays and Saturday, organizing a good sales program that starts in the morning and closes by the time evening arrives.

Select what you’re going to sell, prepare the space and organize the sale items.

Now that you already set the best date for your garage sale, you will have to think carefully what you want to sell, so start gathering books, furniture, old clothes and toys but don’t forget to classify them by categories as well as giving them a good cleaning and restoring them to be the nearest they can be to new.

To avoid the public circling around you bothering you with questions, a good idea is to identify any article with the specific price, any special or specific characteristics and any important things or details like possible damages or broken parts.

After you have everything organized in their specific categories, try to have everything in well determined sectors that can provide an easy way for the people to go around without any inconvenience, thinking also that it has to be easy for people to take articles and of course the cleaning after the garage sale ends.

Advertise your garage sale.

Even if you think a garage sale is an easy activity, mainly destined to the neighbors, you shouldn’t left aside the publicity. In the first place you can do a resume of all the most interesting articles, with pictures and all the data about the garage sale included (date, place, time) and spreading it between all your friends via email or any social network.

Take in mind what you don’t use anymore, to other person can be something of high value, so you should left any objective public aside, although you can showcase more some specifics segments, you can even go further and pay an ad in the local newspaper.

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