Top 10 Home Improvement Trends for 2017

Top 10 Home Improvement Trends for 2017

This 2017 is a great opportunity to look on the bright side and start implementing positive changes, starting at home. Hudson Valley Overhead Doors & Operators, the Germantown garage doors expert want to bring you the latest trends for home improvement.

The Hudson Valley Overhead Doors & Operators top 10 list of Home Improvement Trends for 2017 looks like this:

  1. Composite doors
    Composite doors are stylish and strong. If you’re looking to make your home more secure, composite doors will be very popular this year if you have a home improvement project in mind.
  2. Bi-fold doors
    2016 was big for the bi-fold doors market, and it seems to keep going up. For homeowners, there are more than a few benefits from a bi-fold door, from the slim sightlines to the smooth functionality, bi-fold doors are a great alternative if you want to add a modern twist to your patio.
  3. Aluminium windows
    Window manufacturers have great alternatives when it comes to choosing materials, but aluminium’s sustainability and durability are ideal for commercial purposes. However, aluminium is also growing in popularity within the residential market and is expected to boom this 2017.
  4. Sunrooms
    Regardless of the style of your property, a sunroom can fit your home if done properly. Sunrooms are energy efficient and strong, they allow lots of natural light into your home and provide lovely views of your garden from the inside of your house.
  5. Energy efficiency
    2017 is as good of a year as any to focus on the planet and its protection. Energy efficiency is a key factor when it comes to protect the environment, an energy efficient home helps to reduce your carbon footprint and makes your home eco-friendly.
  6. Color
    Color is synonym of life, and this 2017 is a great opportunity to bring color to your house and personalize your home. Wine Red and Moss Green are the big trends of the year and other popular complementary shades are muted pastel shades and natural wood grain effects.
  7. Orangeries
    Extension strength and sturdiness are the perfect combination and it also offers conservatory light and air. This seems to be the year orangeries increase further since homeowners choose to make improvements to their property instead of moving out.
  8. Stable doors
    People looking to provide a safe environment for their kids and pets are going for stable doors. They come in wood, PVC and aluminium. They can function as two separate pieces or lock together to form a normal door, these doors will match any style, whatever you think works best with your home.
  9. Heightened security
    One of the most important things for most people is to have a safe home, and high-tech door locking and security systems are all the rage this 2017. A strong security system won’t only make your home a safer place, it will also save you lots of money on premium home insurance policies.
  10. Obscure glass
    Another important thing for homeowners, is privacy. Obscure glass is a great solution if you want some extra privacy. You can choose from different levels of privacy and a wide variety of decorative designs.


If you want to keep your house looking fine and dandy this year, you can try one or more of these top trends. And if you’re looking for a solution related to Germantown garage doors, you can always call us at (845) 876-2772.

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