Turning your garage into a craft room

Turning your garage into a craft room

When you’re an arts & crafts or DIY aficionado, you need a place to let your creativity run free and bring your crafty projects to life. If you’re familiar with these practices, you know how messy your kitchen or dining room can end up after a session of DIY shenanigans.

To avoid the inevitable and keep the mess out of the common areas in your home, some people have chosen to move their craft room to the garage instead. However, this doesn’t mean that automatically the mess will diminish. In fact is quite the opposite, once the mess has been migrated to a more private and less visible place, chance are it will increase exponentially since the risk of exposure will be considerably lower.

That’s why setting a proper craft room in your garage, will help you keep things tidy and organized, whilst you can keep building and working on your favorite artsy projects.

Start by setting up a somewhat tall and large table that can be used for cutting, folding and building comfortably while standing on your feet. Use the space below the table as storage space by installing shelves, racks or drawers underneath. Then, proceed to set up a shorter table that’s big enough to host your computer, sewing machine or whatever other kind of machine you normally use to work whilst still leaving enough free space for you to work, write, draw, etc.

Use the space underneath this table as storage as well and additionally, make sure to install enough shelves and racks across the wall of this space to store all of your work materials. Paint, threads, brushes, paper, pens and pencils, fabrics and more.

A closet is recommended if you work with materials that need to be kept in a dark space or for bigger items that don’t fit the drawers or the shelf space of your craft room. Organizing boxes, other kinds of organisers and bags are great to keep your shelves and drawers looking tidy and for enabling you to find things quicker and easier. Don’t forget to label each bag, box and container for even better organization.

A pegboard is always handy when it comes to optimizing space. And if doors for your storage spaces seem a bit too much, you can replace them with pretty curtains instead.

Lighting is very important since you will be using this as a work space. LED strips are easy to install and they’re rather cheap. But any lamp that can provide you enough light for you to work without causing too much stress to your vision capabilities is a win.

If you’re looking to remodel your garage or change the doors, get in touch with an expert who can provide you with the best advice. And if you’re looking for a solution related to Amenia Garage Doors, you can always call us at (845) 876-2772.

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